Incubation is the process of growing biological cultured material under a strictly controlled environment. Typically, the controlled variables are temperature and humidity but may also include CO2 and UV light.

The Lives XpertLog wireless dataloggers would be the best choice for this application if temperature and humidity are the only measurements needed. The time savings over thermocouple based systems is significant.

The XpertLog wireless dataloggers were designed for incubator mappings. The temperature datalogger has a range of -60 C to 150 C with a calibrated accuracy of +/-0.1 C. The RH datalogger has a calibrated range of 20% to 90% with an accuracy of +/- 2%. The XpertLog RH datalogger is uniquely calibrated for all ICH temperature points*.

*Note: RH measurements vary with temperature so calibration at specific ICH temperature points are necessary to maintain accuracy. Most other RH dataloggers are only calibrated at 25 C. If used for 40 C stability studies then a special calibration is required. Otherwise, the RH measurement error can easily exceed the ICH limit of +/- 5%.

If CO2 or UV light measurements are required in addition to temperature & humidity, then a thermocouple based system will be necessary to log all the data together**. In this case, the Lives XpertVal thermocouple based system would be recommended. The XpertVal system can accept CO2 and UV light transducers with 4-20mA or 1-5V outputs.

**Note: Wireless dataloggers are not available with CO2 or UV light sensors since the power requirements are too high for datalogger batteries.

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