The thermal mapping of a pharmaceutical freezer or refrigerator can be done by either thermocouples or wireless dataloggers. The exception is a cryo-freezer (-195 C) which must be done with thermocouples since wireless dataloggers cannot withstand the extreme cold temperature.  Also there are only a few manufacturer’s that provide wireless dataloggers for -80 C applications.

Mapping these chambers with thermocouples present some challenges. Thermocouples must be routed through rear ports or door seals. Considerable care must be taken to avoid seal damage and leakage problems. Very thin gauge (i.e. 28 gauge) thermocouples may be required to avoid these problems. Also, a refrigerator or freezer is often emptied of product because the door must remain open while installing the thermocouples.

Using wireless dataloggers in these applications will save significantly on installation time. Also not having to empty the chamber of product is another big factor in cost & time.

Lives XpertLog Wireless System provides ultra-low temperature dataloggers for these applications. Constructed with Vitron 1000 thermoplastic material, the dataloggers are small, light weight and carry no heat load (as compared to stainless steel dataloggers).

The dataloggers have a calibrated range -80°C to 100°C. Accuracy of +/- 0.1 C except +/- 0.4 C @ -80 C. The XpertLog software fully automates multi-point calibrations or verifications with existing calibration equipment ( i.e. LTR, CTR-80, IRTD).

Also, Lives offers the only Ultra –Low Temperature Dry Bath
Wide Range: -90 C to 125 C
Portable: 40 Lbs
Safety: No need to use liquid nitrogen dewars, alcohol/dry ice slurries or messy oils.
Speed: Ambient to -80 C in 50 minutes.

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