Warehouses for pharmaceutical raw materials and product storage must be maintained at controlled temperature and humidity. Mapping of a warehouse is required to assure proper conditions are maintained during all hours of operation and seasons. Two or more mappings may be required to account for seasonal conditions (i.e. winter & summer).

A warehouse thermal mapping using thermocouples can be time consuming, costly and disruptive to normal operations. Multiple systems and very long thermocouples (50 to 100 feet) are usually required. Installation of the thermocouples must be done with careful routing so thermocouples do not get entangled or damaged with people and machinery.

Wireless dataloggers are the best choice for this application, Installation of the dataloggers can be done in a small fraction of the time. Normal operations of a “working” warehouse can continue without disruption.

Lives XpertLog wireless dataloggers are constructed with Vitron 1000 thermoplastic material. The dataloggers are small, light weight and carry no heat load (as compared to stainless steel dataloggers).

The standard dataloggers have a calibrated range -60 C to 150 C. with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 C. The humidity datalogges measure both temperature and RH. The calibrated humidity range is 20% to 90% RH with +/- 2% RH accuracy.

The XpertLog software fully automates multi-point calibrations or verifications with existing calibration equipment ( i.e. LTR, CTR-80, IRTD). The XpertLog software provides comprehensive data and trend reports. This includes statistical calculations and MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature).

In summary, the Lives XpertLog System of wireless dataloggers can save substantial hours of labor and equipment downtime for this application. (See chart). Also, periodic verifications of the warehouse conditions can be easily done without disruption to operations.

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