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Hanwell EMS

Hanwell Pro is our most superior environmental monitoring system. Our system features high accuracy sensors, LCD display and unrivalled radio strength, which allows our system to overcome the most complex obstacles.

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The Hanwell RL4000T Series of temperature radio transmitters ranges from -200°C up to +110°C and in between (depending on application).

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The Hanwell RL4000RHT series of radio transmitters and data loggers are our most premium and accurate temperature and relative humidity wireless transmitters.

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Differential Pressure

The RL4502 (+/-1250Pa) and RL4509 (+/-50Pa) wireless differential pressure transmitter units are fitted with a LCD and variation of differential pressure ranges.

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Air Flow

The RL4810 radio transmitter is designed specifically for air flow measurement and can be used with high accuracy air flow sensors to measure in the range 0 to 5 or 10 or 20 m/sec

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The RL5016 & RL5018 radio transmitters are ideal for accurate CO2 measurement, temperature and humidity monitoring typically for laboratories & incubators.

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The Hanwell ML4703 LUX and UV radio transmitter is fitted with onboard LUX and UV sensors designed for accurate measurement of light and UV.

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Environmental Control

Complete closed loop monitoring and environmental control using the Hanwell MS1000 relay or analogue cards to interface directly to a BMS system.

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With a scalable system that can be used from one to multiple facilities across the world, Hanwell is the most flexible, accurate and reliable environmental monitoring and control system in the world. Click for video demo

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