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EE310 Advanced RH&T Transmitter

EE310 is optimized for measurement in demanding industrial applications. Highly accurate measurement of RH&T, the transmitter also calculates parameters such as dew point, absolute humidity and mixing ratio.

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EE210 RH&T Transmitter

The EE210 is the ideal transmitter for high accuracy measurement of relative humidity and temperature in demanding climate control applications.

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EE211 RH&T Transmitter

The EE211 is dedicated for accurate and long term stable measurement under continuous high humidity (>85 % RH) and condensing conditions in demanding climate control.

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EE220 RH&T Transmitter

The EE220 humidity and temperature transmitter with pluggable, interchangeable probes is optimized for clean room, food and pharmaceutical industry.

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EE23 Cost optimised industrial transmitter up to 120°C

EE23 RH&T Transmitter

The EE23 is a cost optimised transmitter for industrial and high-end HVAC applications up to 120°C (248°F). Relative humidity and temperature are accurately measured and dew/frost point temperature precisely calculated.

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EE33 humidity transmitter

EE33 RH&T Transmitter

EE33 is optimized for reliable RH&T measurement with temporary condensation, permanent high humidity or chemical exposure. Condensation on the monolithic RH sensor & the filter cap is prevented by controlled heating of the sensor

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EE33-M RH&T Transmitter

EE33-M is optimized for reliable humidity and temperature measurement in high-end meteorology applications.

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Intrinsically Safe Humidity Temperature Transmitter

EE300Ex ATEX RH&T Transmitter

The EE300Ex RH&T transmitter is for measurement in explosion hazard areas. It complies with the classifications for Europe (ATEX), Int. (IECEx) and US (FM) and can be employed in gas and dust explosion hazard areas to Zone 0/20.

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EE354 Dewpoint Transmitter

Reliable dew point monitoring is essential for minimizing ownership costs of compressed air supply with refrigeration dryers. It allows for condition based planning of the service intervals and for avoiding breakdowns.

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EE355 Dewpoint Transmitter

The compact EE355 dew point transmitter with a measuring range down to -60 °C (-76 °F)Td and outstanding price/performance ratio is dedicated for applications in compressed air systems, plastic dryers & industrial drying processes

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EE371 Dewpoint Transmitter

The dew point transmitter EE371 with a measuring range -60...60 °C (-76...140 °F) Td is optimized for low dew point measurement in compressed air systems, dryers for plastic and other industrial processes.

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EE Humor 20 RH Calibrator

The HUMOR 20 RH calibrator is a high-end portable reference device traceable to international standards. The HUMOR 20 generates RH in the range 10-95% RH and can accommodate probes of diameter 8-25.5 mm as well as data loggers.

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